Who we are

Himalayan Environment and Life Protection (H.E.L.P) is an non-for-profit organization working to protect the environment and mitigate and adapt to climate change in the Himalayas while supporting communities and individuals to flourish and work towards reducing all forms of life’s suffering and increased welfare. 

H.E.L.P team under Tergar Charity Nepal was awarded UNDP’s prestigious Equator Prize in 2023.

What we do

We conduct projects dedicated towards protecting the environment and biodiversity, empowering women and communities, and promoting animal welfare.

Environment Protection

We are profoundly committed to addressing the pressing issues of climate change and environmental degradation. Our dedication is reflected in a range of innovative projects centered on nature-based solutions. These initiatives include agroforestry, drone-assisted reforestation, and value chain development, among others. Through these efforts, we aim to nurture and restore our natural environment, fostering a sustainable future for all.

Life Protection

We are devoted to the protection and welfare of animal lives through a variety of targeted projects. Our initiatives include organizing sterilization and vaccination camps to control animal populations and prevent diseases. Additionally, we focus on animal hygiene by cleaning and grooming dogs and cats, and we utilize tracking cameras to monitor and study wild animals. These efforts are part of our comprehensive strategy to safeguard biodiversity and ensure the well-being of wildlife.

Women and Community Empowerment

We are committed to empowering women, children and communities through various initiatives, including literacy classes and vocational training programs. These programs aim to enhance skills, promote sustainable livelihoods, and empower and educate individuals to contribute meaningfully to their communities, fostering resilience and thriving communities.

Our Vision and Mission

We develop projects to combat climate change and build community resilience through reforestation, clean energy access, and innovative technologies like drones. Our initiatives in agroecology and organic agriculture enhance food security and promote agroforestry with bioclimatic greenhouses, while supporting farmers from farm to market.

We promote environmental conservation by developing biodiversity-positive value chains, such as Rosa Macrophylla (rose-hip), to help communities manage ecosystems sustainably. We empower women through education, health, sanitation, leadership, and income diversification initiatives like cloth sanitary pads and yak cheese making. Our work also includes fostering eco-friendly livelihoods, eco-tourism, and youth-led green businesses. We support children’s education and youth development to prepare them for productive lives. Additionally, we promote animal welfare with dog veterinary care and protective gear for equines.

Our Donors and Supporters

Our missions and projects would not have been possible without the
support of our amazing donors & supporters.

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